venerdì 13 novembre 2009

La serie francese ♥

A Saint-Malo
La nuit de Saint-Malo
Credits: Call of the sea (collab Sandscrap & Nini-lolo), photo by me

Credits: Hors saison by Pat, photos by me

Nella Baia di Mount Saint-Michel
Ma Normandie
Credits: Blue ocean by Coco&co, photo by me

La baie
Credits: All white papers by Helen Designs (recolored), Grunge fancy floral set 3 by Laitha (paper and photo overlay), Clipping mask 4 by Kathryn Estry, Rainbow's touch by Laitha (cured ribbons and lace, recolored), Bright dreams add-on by Ptitesouris (black flower), Feuille morte by (dry flower recolored), New skirt by Majula (stiching recolored), photo by me

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