sabato 26 marzo 2011

Sakura's Dream

Because life is beautiful
so fragile and we must preserve
To make tomorrow better than yesterday
Stand united and give us your hand.
So that life can continue in these hard
moments, let us show brotherhood, solidarity and
generosity, thus rises to the sun again
and that Japan is recovering.

12 designs Digitalcréa gathered together
all stand together to create this charity kit for Japan
( manuedesigns, fanette, Bellisae, angel, paprika, Thaliris, dydyge,
laurencedesigns, meldesigns, chouk777, albina, celinedesigns )

The official preliminary reports of 7653 confirmed dead, 11,746 missing and identified thousands of wounded.

After the 5 million homes without power initially,
are still two million households are without electricity and
a million and half are still without drinking water.

Damage to generate nuclear power plant in Fukushima
concern about a possible nuclear accident serious.

Because tomorrow is not ours and we
is not immune to anything in solidarity
Think about all those families who have nothing
have lost their homes, children, husband, wife, or simply
loved ones.

Make this gift for a country that has lost all show that we
are all bound to face these trials
What we reap will be a contribution in a
Ocean gift, which we know will help this population.

The entire team of digital creative thank you in advance
your generosity.

All donations collected will go to the Japanese Red Cross

Sakura's Dream

A Sweet Secret Forest

Anche PtiteSouris partecipa alla Crazy Spring sale con il suo mini A Sweet Secret Forest
PtiteSouris also has a minikit for Crazy spring sale, A Sweet Secret Forest

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Crazy spring sale + Just a getaway

Per due giorni (ieri e oggi) il negozio Digital-Crea fa una pazza offerta di primavera: 20 nuovi minikit ognuno al prezzo speciale di 1€.
Anche Thaliris partecipa con il suo kit Just a getaway
For two days (yesterday and today) Digital-Crea has the Crazy spring sale: 20 new mini kits for the crazy price od 1€ each.
Thaliris also offer her new minikit, Just a getaway, for this price

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Dreams of a young bride

Era da molto che non facevo una pagina extra CT. E ho deciso che d'ora in poi cercherò di trovare più tempo per farlo.
It had been a long time since I last scrapped a page hors CT. I decided that form now I'll try to find more time to do so.
DST Gallery Standouts: thank you dida1357!!!
Published on Scrappons Digi: Thank you sandramilie!!!

Art Gallery

Ecco il nuovo coloratissimo kit di Cali Designs, Art Gallery
Here's the new colorful kit by Cali Designs, Art Gallery

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